Friday, April 24, 2009

Monopoly 2008

An Updated Classic Returns: MONOPOLY Purists Rejoice! It's the World's Most Popular Board Game brought to life! Acquire wealth by buying and developing the Monopoly properties you know and love. It's all about money - and making more of it than your opponents. Features Include: -Cleverly Animated Tokens, Bright 3D Graphics, New Music -Enhanced Faster Moving Gameplay -Multiplayer Mode with up to 4 Friends OR Play against up to 3 Computer Opponents with an advanced A.I. -3 Opponent Difficulty Levels: First Time Buyer, Entrepreneur and Tycoon -Limitless Replayability -Fun and Addictive Action for Everyone!

Minimum PC System Requirements
* Processor Type
Intel® Pentium® III processor
* Processor Speed
* Operating System
Windows XP, Windows Vista
* System Memory
* Hard Drive Space
* Video
32MB 32-bit 800 x 600 DirectX 7.0-compatible video card
* Sound Card
16-bit DirectX 7.0-compatible sound card
* Drive Type and Speed
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ghielz said...

wew....monopolinya boleh juga gratis kan?????

azzalea said...'s free for all...hehehe said...

gw pernah beli cd SIMS City,lupa CD Key nya..klo googling kata kuncinya apa ya zel?